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I love this so much, that I am seriously considering doing this at my home.

Home improvement projects typically involve more than just a door, but this guy’s talent is worthy of some serious praise.

Which begs the question: Have you ever wanted to make your home look more like something out of medieval times? Perhaps you like the effect of people walking up to your house and wondering if they’d find a lavish throne room, or perhaps an armory. Reddit member “SpudDragon” (because everyone knows fire-breathing lizards eat potatoes) decided to give his family and guests a thrill by creating a front door worthy of something out of “Game of Thrones.”

Lets face it. This door makes you feel about a secure as a nudist in a paintball tournament.

“SpudDragon” wanted to know how he could feel a little more like this.

First Step was to buy a Tasmanian Oak door.

SpudDragon bought enough lumber to reframe the doorway, leaving a 10mm gap between the door and frame to avoid jamming when the house adjusts to the wet and dry seasons.

Three coats of stain and varnish added an aesthetic, protective barrier to the elements. The galvanized bolts, painted black, give the door an added impression of strength. Some of the varnish was done over the bolts to help seal them in and further protect the door from moisture.

The bolts were left with a some length. Perhaps for a little extra intimidation?

He bought some 3mm metal plates and formed these blades from them, using a ball peen hammer and anvil to create the “dimple effect.” The blades were finished with a coat of glossy black paint.

With a door this heavy, he added extra bolts and epoxy to keep the hinges attached.

For the handle, SpudDragon took a 25mm metal bar and created 5mm deep notches at 40mm intervals, to make it twistable.

Using the forge and appropriate tools, he got the metal red hot where he wanted to twist it, and created a gradual spiraling handle. Note the sledgehammer head in the background? That’s his anvil. Innovation at its best.

The handle was buffed with an angle grinder and a wire wheel, then sealed from the elements by clear coat spray. It also doubles as a spear that would make Genghis Khan proud.

Here’s the final product, complete with dead bolt to “keep things simple.” I’m not joking. That’s a direct quote.

One thing’s for sure: you don’t see home improvements like this every day — especially of the DIY variety. And I absolutely love it!!!

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